A Family Feuds Over $57M Estate

Laura Ann Carver, Lynda Carrie and Micheal William Loughheed, the three biological children of Vancouver developer and investor, William Frederick Loughheed, are peeved after being left out of his will, along with his only adopted daughter Kelly Wilson. The will is left in the hands of the third wife of Mr.Loughheed, Balwinder Kaur Brar Lougheed, who is also stated as the sole beneficiary to the will.

The three children are from Loughhheed’s first marriage and were left out of the will. Kelly Wilson is the legally adopted daughter of Loughheed after he married her mother who became his second wife. Norma Loughheed died in 2007 and a complicated legal fight ensued over the estate of Loughheed which is estimated to be around $57 million.

Loughhheed was involved in multiple development projects such as the Loughheed Mall on the Coquitlam-Burnaby border, along with nearby apartments and condominiums which came to be called the Loughheed village after graduating from Kitsilano High School in the 1940s.

The claim stated by the son, Micheal William, was that he and his sister Laura Ann Carver suffered physical, emotional and other abuses from their father when they were children, which led to their estrangement. The rift between Lynda Carrie and Loughheed resulted after she confronted him with the abuse causing her to permanently distance herself as well. The claim also states that Loughheed made many assets of his vast estate as fraudulent gifts and transfers to his third wife, in order to prevent his three biological children from receiving their share of the estate. Based on the claims, the transfers made were worth over $50 million which included shares in Loughheed’s company called Norbill Investments, along with a $7 million property in Madeira Park along the Sunshine coast. A variance to the will along with damages, are being sought since no valid reasons were stated by the deceased for not providing the equal shares to the plaintiffs.

The three children also filed a suit in the late 1980s against William Loughheed in order to claim their inheritance as soon as possible. The case was however, settled out of court.

Kelly Wilson, the adopted daughter of Loughheed filed a separate claim against William Loughheed and Balwinder Kaur Lougheed ‘s estate after being left out of Loughheed’s will. The B.C Supreme Court Justice Sandra Balance took legal action against Loughheed’s estate and awarded Kelly Wilson $5.5million in 2011. She also made a more recent claim which stated that William Loughheed was behind a number of financial improprieties during his term as acting investor of her company. The claim stated that William Loughheed also divulged personal information with purpose of malicious intent and purpose of causing harm to the plaintiffs about the plaintiff’s husband who was the elected MP of West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country for a period of 2 years from 2006 to 2008. Blair Wilson was forced to step down from his post after a article was released entitled “Family Exposes MPs Trail of Debt” in October of 2007 and also ran for re-election in 2008 to become a member of the Green Party. In the article, Loughheed describes his son-in-law as not being fit for office and is quoted a number of time. The deceased is currently being sued by his son-in-law and Kelly Wilson filed a claim against Loughheed’s estate to pay for damages and to provide support and maintenance for her.

None of the allegations has been proven in court and it is expected the defendants will be filing a response.