Discussing The Recent Policy changes in Trumps’ America

Recent Policy changes in Trumps’ America.

Since the rise of Trump, there have been many policy changes that have come up that American citizens should be paying close attention to.

The plans set forth by Trump may threaten to reconstitute the social fabric of America as we know it today. Every American at the moment should be asking themselves how much these policies will affect their lives.

The Travel Ban

It was rolled out on the 27th of January this year. As soon as the change was implemented, the move was widely lamented, criticized, and was condemned by various human rights societies. One of those critics is the International Rescue Committee which stated that the ban is an affront to the basic tenets of human rights as it targets the weak and vulnerable while at the same time providing cover for extremists and racists.

The ban targets Muslim countries like Syria, Libya, Sudan, Iran, Yemen, and Somalia. The citizens of these countries are not allowed to enter America for 90 days. Surprisingly, the ban does not include Iraq where America has been helping it to fight Isis for quite some time now.

The Iraqi government termed the development a step in the right direction and evidence of the improved relations between the two countries. The downside of this travel ban is that Syrians will not be able to cross over to America. This then begs the question, “Where will Syrians refugees go?”

The good thing is that it does not affect holders of green cards and genuine visas. This is because for citizens of these countries who have these documents they can still travel to America as many times as they want.

The second policy change is to Obamacare, while Obamacare has understandably come over some scrutiny from various parties in the United States, Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan have been pushing for a while now on changing some aspects of Obamacare.. It is still not known how much of this tinkering will change the bill in the first place. The thing that US citizens should be asking themselves is how it will impact their insurance policies and health care provisions moving forward.

The third policy change is to immigration. One of the most potent campaign slogans of Trumps’ rise to the presidency is how he was going to deal with issues surrounding immigration.

He pledged that he would deport millions of Americans who live and work in America without proper documentation. He promises to build a wall on the Mexican border and make Mexico pay for it. This is meant to curb the influx of undocumented immigrants into the country from Mexico.

Since he took over there has been a rise in deportations of illegal immigrants from the US. This is a policy change that a lot of US citizens should be looking out for as it promises to change their lives for a long time. It is important to note that he has not ordered the deportation of children who live in America illegally as they are still protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals which is a brainchild of Obama.

While we’re not condoning illegal immigration, it stands to be said that people who have lived in America for decades are being persecuted out of their homes as a result of this “crackdown”. Moreover, America was built on immigration, on people fleeing their country’s dire circumstances to better their situation and add their skills and hard work to the country they’re migrating into.