The Questions Jeffrey Epstein left behind

Jeffery Epstein, most people know him as a monster in disguise. He started out as an American financier but soon fell to the title of convicted sex offender. This man has been accused and convicted of sex trafficking of a minor and conspiracy to commit sex trafficking, two heinous crimes that leave permanent scars of his victims. His infamous Epstein Island is where a majority of his sins and crimes occurred. Friends and celebrities from all over the world would come to this island and allegedly engage in disgusting acts involving minors. But of course, nothing has been proven… yet.

After his alleged death in prison in 2019, people have argued and theorized that his death was either homicide by strangulation by two prison guards or a faked suicide by hanging. Either way, evidence with hanging and strangulation are similar in appearance. The question is, if he is still alive, what effect does he still have on the rest of the world?

It is first important to know that Epstein kept a unique circle of highly regarded friends in American society. Celebrities like Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker have been known to be friends with Epstein, Spacey was also charged with sexual assult. People like Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew have been scrutinized for their association with Epstein. Because of this, Prince Andrew has since stepped away from royal duties for the rest of his life.

Even with royal duties behind him, could public authority figures like Prince Andrew and former president Bill Clinton be continuing where Epstein left off? Could they be one of the few who have been lured to Epstein Island and are now under Epstein’s thumb? His property, his island has not been shut down. Hell, Disney cruises would stop there with their ships full of families and children!

Certain people he has associated himself with have retreated behind big Hollywood homes and lawyers with the fear of being linked to Epstein. After he was put behind bars, however, more victims began to emerge, sharing their testimonies which drove more and more nails into Epstein’s coffin.

If Epstein was once associated with former rulers, what other connections could he have hidden across the world? Who are the connections who chose to keep their identity hidden from public scrutiny? He could very well have associates still working for him, continuing the sex trafficking he built. America is not the only place where sex trafficking occurs and Epstein’s fortune allowed for him to travel all over the globe with whomever he chose to bring along with him.

British socialite and his ex- girlfriend to Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, has previously been accused of introducing women, sometimes minors, to Epstein and Prince Andrews for the purpose of sexual acts. She was also accused of conspiring to maintain and conceal a sex trafficking ring. Apparently, she herself was trafficked by Epstein and Andrews at the age of seventeen, forced to do sexual acts in London, New York, and the U.S Virgin Islands. The Islands being the location of Epstein’s infamous island.

Maxwell has not been seen by the public since Epstein’s trail and death, no one knows her current whereabouts. It is very possible that she is in hiding, continuing Epstein’s work that he had not yet finished. She could be the one running the trafficking ring Epstein left behind.

He could have very well set up his own Epstein location for further exploitation of young girls, minors, and soliciting prostitution all across the world. With broad speculation about the validity of his death, he could very well be at his old tricks as if nothing happened in the courts.

Intelligence agencies such as the U. S and Israeli military intelligence has been theorized to have used Epstein’s sexual blackmail system as an operation for entrapping powerful figures and politicians all over the world. The claim that Epstein could have potentially been a spy could explain the lack of intelligence agency investigations for further information on Epstein’s sex trafficking rings. It seems as though the agencies are of the belief, out of sight out of mind hoping the public would soon forget about a supposed “dead man.”

This ripple effect of conviction, alleged death, and his properties still being open has caused speculation all over the world. It leaves the public with more questions than answers. Are there more victims? Is his work still continuing after he dropped off the face of the earth? Are there people in the public eye who know the truth about his death and where he really is?