5 of the Best Universities in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is home to some of the world’s top universities. With Hong Kong being a global economic power, it’s no surprise the Special Administrative Region of China is home to universities that hone the minds of the region’s top college students. With English taught in class in most of the programmes of these universities, … [Read more…]

The Questions Jeffrey Epstein left behind

Jeffery Epstein, most people know him as a monster in disguise. He started out as an American financier but soon fell to the title of convicted sex offender. This man has been accused and convicted of sex trafficking of a minor and conspiracy to commit sex trafficking, two heinous crimes that leave permanent scars of … [Read more…]

The Next Financial Crash Expected in 2019

Experts at the Strategic Investment Conference 2018 have been discussing the possibility of another recession bigger than the fiasco in 2008. With consumer spending slowing down and debts at an all-time high, savings and investments have taken a big hit. How is this possible when statistical analysis show that unemployment is at the lowest it … [Read more…]

Why Tarrifs Are A Bad Idea Economically

Tariffs can incite retaliatory exchange limitations, drive up costs of imported merchandise, and breakpoint decision. The U.S. Business Department’s proposed duties on imported steel and aluminum would profit residential makers of these items. Nonetheless, the duties will raise costs for household firms in development, transportation and different ventures that expend steel and aluminum as information … [Read more…]

The Effect of Large Retailers on Mom and Pop Shops

Mom and pop shops are the traditional backbone of the retail industry employing a significant amount of the populace. They are located conveniently near residential areas and have fewer operational costs. There are fewer aspersions nonetheless that the shops have been facing survival threats from large conglomerate such as WalMart. Several types of research that … [Read more…]

Discussing The Recent Policy changes in Trumps’ America

Recent Policy changes in Trumps’ America. Since the rise of Trump, there have been many policy changes that have come up that American citizens should be paying close attention to. The plans set forth by Trump may threaten to reconstitute the social fabric of America as we know it today. Every American at the moment … [Read more…]

Massive Lawsuits Filed Against Big Businesses

In a world of Litigants and Frivolous Pursuits In an era of lawsuits and massive litigations here we’ll have an exploration of some of the more prominent suits from years past. There are quite somethings intriguing about the manner in which some individuals seek to file claims against major companies. At times consumers can be … [Read more…]

Minimum Wage: Is it Right or Wrong?

While most people believe minimum wage is a good thing, we’re here to explore both sides of the coin, and show why that may not be the case. Minimum wage gathers a lot of criticism and debate for the last years. Different arguments are said, but the fact that minimum wage still occurs is because … [Read more…]

A Family Feuds Over $57M Estate

Laura Ann Carver, Lynda Carrie and Micheal William Loughheed, the three biological children of Vancouver developer and investor, William Frederick Loughheed, are peeved after being left out of his will, along with his only adopted daughter Kelly Wilson. The will is left in the hands of the third wife of Mr.Loughheed, Balwinder Kaur Brar Lougheed, … [Read more…]

The Law of Wills and Estates

The law of wills and estates, especially in British Columbia – is taking a different twist. The Wills Estate and Succession Act came into force in March of 2014. This will mean drastic changes to the rules and guidelines that streamline the administration of estates. 1. Marriage Some of the changes include marriage not being … [Read more…]